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It’s Friday. Regardless of what boat we currently find ourselves in, I think that we’ve all sort of lost track of time. What does Friday even mean right now? I know that for me, on many days, I feel like I’m in that movie Groundhog’s Day, where Bill Murray’s character–an arrogant weatherman–wakes up morning after morning to the same day, same thing, doomed to this fate until he learns his lesson (no spoiler alerts here!)

We’ve all been through the wringer, whether this week or since this pandemic started. We’re all fighting some sort of battle, whether it’s with our health, unemployment, or being suddenly thrust into the role of homeschool teacher. We could all use a little treat. Whether it’s beautiful weather, a call from a friend, a slice of chocolate cake. I’ve decided to do a little round-up of some simple treats I’ve treated myself or others to recently. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m being extra intentional about buying local or shopping small. In a time where it’s easy to feel so disconnected from the outside world, I really appreciate and value speaking with the store owner themself over the phone on selecting the perfect item, having the store owner themselves deliver an order, or include a sweet, little note in the mail with the purchase. Try getting that from a corporate biggie.

Dogswell Treats. When my dog ran out of bones and treats at the same time, I called up a wonderful, local pet shop who, after I “introduced” my dog to, had great suggestions on what to get to reward him and keep him sane. I tried a few different flavors of this brand of treats and so far, my little guy is very pleased.

Wild Botanicals. We were out of soap recently, and I ordered a few bars from this brand from a local shop. I tried out the lavender and an almond honey oatmeal. I had the lavender sitting in another room for an hour or two and it scented the whole room in the best way possible. I’m already planning on trying their other products because I’m so in love.

Rag Bag Bread Bag. My friend has an incredible bread CSA (CSB?) and each week, we’ve been getting a loaf of his insanely delicious sourdough. He delivers it in a paper bag to our front door, and I ordered this fantastic hemp/cotton bag to store the bread in. It’s come in handy and I ordered one for my sister, too.

Sacred Space Malas Bracelet. I’m a believer in the power of charged gemstones and the different kinds of energy and awareness they can help bring into your life. I discovered these bracelets and purchased one with lava and amazonite stones. I was initially drawn to the beauty of the bracelet, but once I read more about it, I realized it was perfect for me and what I’m leaning into to keep me sane during these challenging times. According to the card that came with it, lava stones are “helpful with grounding and strengthening one’s connection to Mother Earth” and amazonite is “a stone of truth, communication and harmony within one’s self and others.” I’ll take it.

Tatine Candle. I actually purchased this a few months back, but now that it’s finally spring, I’m sparking it up. I purchased the Kensington Gardens candle and it smells incredible: it’s clean, is simplistic in its aesthetic and it makes me want to jump a plane to London, but alas. I purchased it at Milton Market, a gorgeous home store in Litchfield, CT that now has an online shop. They carry so many beautiful things from so many great brands. It’s a fun place to discover something new and/or special and in keeping with today’s thoughts, it’s a great place to treat yourself.

Have a great weekend, and please, treat yourself or someone you love to something nice. Y’all deserve it.


p.s. I took this photo of the dreamy Milton Market, this past December. Can’t wait to visit in person again.


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