Changing Tides

February 17, 2021 in Out in the World - No Comments

“We don’t chose what’s going to wake us up.” One of my favorite writers, Dani Shapiro said this and it’s been echoing in my head for the past several months. I’ve been absent here on The Modern Bee. The most…

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Spooky Goodness

October 2, 2020 in Out in the World - No Comments

The world is scary enough right now, who needs Halloween, right? Wrong! Trick or treating sadly seems to be off the table this year. I can’t see Zoom being able to solve this pickle. It’ll all make for a scary…

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Find Your Smile

September 28, 2020 in Storytelling - No Comments

Not to be all doom and gloom…but man, there’s a lot of doom and gloom these days. It doesn’t sit well with me personally to pretend that my uptick of self-care is rooted in the fact that we’re coming up…

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Getting Ready

September 21, 2020 in At Home - No Comments

Here we are! After a great weekend with equal parts taking care of business and taking the time to go on a day trip, I’m looking forward to a productive week and fun weekend plans to cap it off. The…

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Meet Nkoula Badila

September 14, 2020 in Meet the Women - No Comments

“This conversation has me very excited. I connected with Nkoula on Instagram over the summer and knew immediately I’d found a kindred spirit. She is a creative, artist, gardener, Pan African activist, and that’s just the start. She was raised…

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Thanks to the Women

September 4, 2020 in Meet the Women - No Comments

I don’t think I’m the only one feeling extra reflective and introspective right now. That being said, I’ve been thinking about the women who have shared their stories, their triumphs and try agains here on The Modern Bee in the…

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Reality Check

August 28, 2020 in Out in the World - No Comments

“We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sometimes, you just don’t really have much to say. Today is…

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Pushing Through a Pandemic

August 24, 2020 in At Home - No Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’m a regular pendulum of emotions these days. I go from being gratefully optimistic to swinging over to pessimistically, stomach ache-ingly woeful. I’m trying to be extra mindful of being present right now, with…

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