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September 28, 2020 in Storytelling - No Comments

Not to be all doom and gloom…but man, there’s a lot of doom and gloom these days. It doesn’t sit well with me personally to pretend that my uptick of self-care is rooted in the fact that we’re coming up on nesting season. Sure, that’s part of it. But to be honest, the uptick is more so because between the pandemic, social “unrest,” the looming election, climate change, being physically separated from family, etc have taken their toll on me, as they have with so many others.

So the uptick is non-negotiable. I can’t function without the extra touches right now; whether it’s a stick of palo santo burning next to me as I work on my computer, or comforting music as I ease into yoga poses, or a Netflix binge while wrapped up in a favorite blanket, or to decline a call or invitation. Whatever self-care looks like to me based on a particular mood or day or scenario, I’m shameless in its pursuit. Times are tough, and I’ll do what I need to do to stay strong, sane, and grounded. That being said, did you think I wasn’t going to share some of that goodness with you, The Modern Bee community?!

Palo Santo. Speaking of palo santo…I’ve been burning it on the regular lately. I grew up in a household where we regularly used white sage to clear negative energy out of our home and cleanse the space. Palo Santo does the same thing, but through a different carrier, as its wood. Even if this sort of energy practice isn’t your vibe, I think everybody can appreciate the tantalizing smell of a burning piece of palo santo wood and the cultivation process behind procuring this wood is fascinating. I have a collection of wedges from different sources, but here is one from a company that I love for oils, herbs, aromatherapy and more.

Nils Frahm. On repeat this morning. Piano goodness. Give it a lesson.

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America. Chilling. Important. Terrifying. I took a long walk with my dog on Sunday morning and listened to this on The Daily. A month or so ago, I read The Great Climate Migration which was equally important and terrifying, which I also recommend reading. It has me even more geared up to become even more educated on this topic and cognizant of the actions I can take in my own life. This isn’t technically “self-care” and it certainly doesn’t make me smile, but knowledge is power and there is strength in power.

Friendships. I’ve found it challenging to connect with some friends over the past 6ish months. There’s definitely been a shift. On the other hand, I’ve unexpectedly found connections and friendships with new and old friends through honesty, understanding, and vulnerability. I am feeling especially grateful, uplifted, and empowered by these people and the real (sometimes tough) conversations we’ve had. Since the world shifted, I know I’ve done a lot of introspective work and truth seeking about what I expect from close friends as well as what I can offer to close friends. I suppose when you’ve been “woken up,” it’s only natural that doors will also open and perhaps, others will close.

Baby Pumpkins. My husband surprised me with a bowl of assorted ones the other day when I was feeling particularly low. He knew they wouldn’t solve the problem, but he also knew they would make me smile. The beauties in the photo above are from one of me and my husband’s favorite farms that is an annual fall pilgrimage for us. Counting down the days until we make that trip!

Find your smile this week, everyone.



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