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The Quilting Bee. Once upon a time, women would meet for the purpose of quilting. A quilting bee provided an outlet of release for both the stresses of everyday life and for creative expression. It also provided: companionship, community, support, and the strength and sense of fulfillment that emerges from shared experiences.  The tapestry of the different pieces of fabric that made up a quilt told the story of each woman who participated in its creation: what she brought to the table as an individual and how she was reflected in the bigger picture of the finished product– the quilt.  While each square may have appeared different to the eye–whether in texture or color–in the end, each was a vital and irreplaceable part of the finished product.  The Quilting Bee allowed each woman to shine and express who she was, both through the process and the finished product, in a safe and supportive environment.

Welcome to the Bee, where the qualities and sentiment of the quilting bee live on.  As nostalgic as I am for the sociality of days gone by, I recognize that today, the Internet is a thriving modern-day community. In my little corner of the world-wide web based out of Connecticut, I profile dynamic and diverse women, both from present day and days past, each with a unique tapestry and story to tell.  I want to explore her pieces of the proverbial quilt and what makes her who she is.  From a cashier to a CEO, I’m convinced that the people who might seem most unlike us, have the most to teach us. In this space, I am committed to giving a voice to any woman with a compelling story to tell, and I believe that every woman is compelling in some way, perhaps even in ways unknown to her. 

I also seek to resurrect time-honored traditions of the past–from recipes and to trips down memory lane to social traditions–with an aim of blending them with modern-day sensibilities.  There is comfort to be found in the past and I aim to explore the various elements of it. I believe that there is a lot to learn about oneself through travel and the exploration of new and even familiar places. The thrill and vulnerability that comes from leaving a comfort zone will also be explored here.

If you’re feeling inspired, looking for inspiration, or just feel like some quality time with a group of women from all walks of life, pull up a chair, join us, and let me know your story.  

Who do you bring to The Modern Bee? No quilting skills required.

– Michaela

Photo by Viktor Hanacek


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