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I admit it, I generally can’t make a big decision without input. Religious or not, we’ve probably all heard that question of, “what would Jesus do?” when faced with a moral decision to make. In my case, Jesus is interchangeable with Alex or Cas or Joy. Or Maya (Angelou) or Michelle (Obama) or Ina (Garten). And the question can be as serious as making a career pivot or as lowkey as what color to pick for a panel or curtains. What I’m getting at here is that I, like many women rely on other women to get by. I’m quite firm in who I am, but have always found that an opinion from another can help validate my own decisions or sway me in ways I hadn’t imagined; I rely on other women for support, for knowledge and honestly, I’ve just always had an insatiable curiosity about other women and how their own decision making has made them who they are and gotten them to where and who they are.

In this section of The Modern Bee, we’ll meet the women. Hear what they have to say. Learn what they bring to this world–whether it’s how to make a banging banana pudding or an insider’s knowledge of how to navigate a particular male-dominated field. Just like the different, swatches of fabric in a quilt, the women featured here are unique and diverse, with different voices, but at the same time, are all just trying to figure out the big picture of life and how they fit in.

Pull up a chair.



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