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September 25, 2020 in At Home - No Comments
Moonlight (Clair de Lune) by Félix Vallotton at the MET in NYC

It’s been a busy week. I hate the word busy; I always think about the whole argument about the glorification of busy (I’m Team Don’t Glorify Busy). The act of being busy isn’t the problem, it’s when people use it as some sort of badge of productivity. I will never answer “busy” when somebody asks how I’m doing. Annoying answer. I always immediately shut people off when they give that response to me. Nah. I could be “busy” for hours sweeping a floor, but if I didn’t actually get the dirt in the dustpan at the end of my hours of being “busy” pushing around dust, how effective was my use of time? Being busy ain’t always being productive.

That being said, I managed to get about 80% of what I needed to accomplish this week done. Everything that needed to be prioritized was, and as long as that is always the case, I am good with a frequent state being busy. Anyway, I’m looking forward to some restorative yoga this evening, my husband’s homemade pizza, a tradition that started in the early days of this pandemic and is here to stay indefinitely, and a movie. I’ve been shameless about upping the self-care recently and I hope you have been, too.

As I type this, Raveena just came on my shuffle singing a song of hers that I love, Sweet Time. Leaving you all for the weekend with some lyrics that fit my mindset these days and unexpectedly, this post. I challenge you to go listen to the song now and see what lessons you can take away from spending a minute or two with the moon this evening. Have a great weekend, everyone.

I’ve been meditating
I stopped medicating
I’m taking advice from the moon
I’m lost in melody, harmony, new family
They wrap me up in a cocoon


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