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One of the most peaceful places in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Here we are! After a great weekend with equal parts taking care of business and taking the time to go on a day trip, I’m looking forward to a productive week and fun weekend plans to cap it off. The temperatures are slowly starting to drop, and with health–mental and physical–being at the forefront of so many minds, I’m starting to get a head start on preparing mentally and physically for cold and flu season. Here’s a taste of how I’m preparing:

Defend Blend from Whole Foods. I am obsessed with this stuff. I always have a few bottles on hand to use throughout the fall and winter. I start diffusing it as soon as there’s a string of chilly days. Beyond smelling incredible and making my soul happy, it also is said to have antiviral properties. Clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon peel are the highlights for me in this magical blend.

Tea, Tea, Tea. I’m a tea fiend year round, I just make iced versions of my favorite blends in the summer. I grew up with my mum who did tea time every afternoon and I guess it rubbed off! I have a tea for every mood and condition. I just purchased this turmeric, elderberry, ginger blend to try out from this fantastic farm, I’m also never without their respiratory blend.

Mereba. Love her! Her voice, her storytelling…swoon. She crosses different genres with her music and I am all about that journey. Plus my soul just feels good whenever I put her music on.

Shiatsu Massager. In an ideal world, I’d get a weekly massage. But alas, money does not grow on trees. Enter this thing. I’ve taken to using it each night before bed when I read. I’ve noticed I sleep better and wake up feeling more rested. A good book, a good massage…ahhhh, bliss.

Soups and Stews. I live for soups and stews come fall and winter. Whenever we roast a chicken, I make a big thing of stock from the bones to use in a variety of dishes. Can’t beat getting the most out of one bird, right? I made my mum’s Jamaican chicken stew the other night, and this evening, I’m going to do a riff on this creamy roasted carrot soup by adding extra turmeric and ginger.

Have a great week, everyone.



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