Savory Thai Noodles with Seared Brussels Sprouts

October 2, 2019 in At Home - No Comments

Who doesn’t love a good noodle dish? When speaking with Yazmin recently, she mentioned that she loves vegan phở. the crazy satisfying Vietnamese broth noodle dish. As a result, I had noodles on the brain for most of this week. While scrolling through the discovery page of Instagram the other morning, I did indeed discover something that caught my eye–Savory Thai Noodles with Seared Brussels Sprouts. With The Modern Bee, as usual, on my brain, I clicked over to the recipe, thinking about Yazmin’s transformative trip to Thailand, my own curiosity in vegan takes on traditionally non-vegan recipes and honestly, the prospective thrill of trying something new, even if it was just a simple, hearty noodle dish. I immediately went out and picked up a few additions to my pantry and whipped this dish up last night for dinner.

We try not to eat a lot of meat in our household, so I was especially hopeful that we would love this dish and have something to add to our rotation and it did not disappoint and couldn’t have been easier to prepare. I made a few tweaks–like lime juice in place of tamarind concentrate that I couldn’t find, used only about 1/4 of cilantro because I personally fall in the “not a fan of it” category, and I nixed the roasted peanuts on top as another personal preference.

I encourage you to try it out, it’s the perfect fuel to help inspire you to take that trip to the Grand Palace you’ve always dreamed of or at the very least, satisfy a feeling of wanderlust on an ordinary Tuesday evening. Enjoy, friends.



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