The Modern Bee Guide to Supporting Our Communities – Part 2

May 6, 2020 in Out in the World - No Comments

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

As the world slows down in many respects, our little household is trying to be especially intentional. About how we spend our time, where we spend our money and what our priorities are both now and coming out of this. One thing this pandemic has done is shine a bright floodlight on these things and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, I thought this week I would highlight a few businesses, individuals and non-profits that are working to make life easier and generate even the smallest (but with the biggest impact) acts of kindness for those in especially vulnerable positions right now. I’m grateful for their selflessness and support their work and the communities they are serving.

National Domestic Workers Alliance. Nannies, housecleaners, homecare and other domestic workers have been greatly effected by the stay at home measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Some are no longer able to work as families shut their doors to non-family members, while others find themselves on the frontline, reporting to work for seniors and other vulnerable populations. The Alliance has created a fund that provides emergency monetary support for those who qualify.

Teenagers On a Mission. This isn’t any kind of official organization, but where I live, there is a group of teenagers who do grocery shopping and run errands for seniors and other more vulnerable residents. Instead of hanging out with their friends, this particular group are masked and gloved up, using the their spare time away from distance learning to shop and deliver essentials safely. The cost? Nothing but a smile.

Yards of “Thank You” Art. A few ladies where I live have designed and printed lawn signs that express gratitude for our frontline workers. You Venmo them $15 and they will deliver a sign to your yard, stake it in the grass, easy peasy. The entire $15 is donated to another local restaurant group specifically to prepare meals for frontline workers in local hospitals.

Mighty Mask Makers. We have a message board for an online group where I live where people who are making masks post what they offer. The masks are either free or for a low cost. One woman who made some even decorated a tree in her yard with them for people to come “pick.”

Big Business, Big Heart. I know I’m making a mental note of the biggies that are using their resources to help on the frontline (while also supporting their own workers both physically and economically!) From Hanes shifting to the production of masks, to Subaru’s partnership with Feeding America to provide meals to those in need as a result of the ramifications of the pandemic, they are leading by example.

As always, love and light to those reading this. Be well!


p.s. Photo I took in Edinburgh at the @pottedgarden. A nice reminder of the beauty in simplicity and things natural that I am extra welcoming these days.


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