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June 8, 2020 in Meet the Women - No Comments
This quilt is called “An Autumn Walk in Prospect Park” and it’s by Lyn S. Hill

Michaela. You might see that name signed on the bottom of a lot of posts. Who’s Michaela? She’s the founder of The Modern Bee. She’s nostalgic but progressive. She’s the “quilting bee” hostess. She’s the one who wanted to create a diverse, welcoming place where women could voice stories about their unique experiences and take comfort in or be inspired by the stories of others in a welcoming, safe place. She’s me. I have many goals for this community, but from a logistical standpoint, my goal is to authentically grow this community, while keeping it intimate and never straying from the big picture of what I hoped to create. You can learn more about the impetus for starting The Modern Bee in the first place in this post.

To date, all of the posts you may have read are written by me, all of the questions for the Meet the Women profiles that are interwoven into the greater picture of this site are posed by me, with many of these questions having been inspired by conversations with other women. Why just me? Because this place is still a small community and I’m a one-woman show in the writing respect. My goal is to grow this community so that I can attract other women to pen their own stories and experiences. I don’t just want my own voice beyond the profiles you read here. As far as profiles, I continue to hit the pavement and my own contact list to meet more women to bring into the circle. If my own posts weaving everything together here is the thread of the metaphorical quilt that is The Modern Bee, the profiled women are the fabric.

I thought this post might help take away any unintentional air of mystery of seeing Michaela appear here and there. If what you’ve read and seen on this site has resonated with you, I encourage you to reach out, introduce yourself, and join the circle. You are welcome here.


P.S. I’ve long been fascinated with quilts (which is probably pretty clear at this point) for the stories they tell, the histories they hold, the comfort they bring and the beauty they possess. I saw the quilt above a few years ago at the Brooklyn Quilters Guild show at Industry City in Brooklyn. I was at the complex for work and it was a time where I was feeling really stuck professionally, knowing I wasn’t on the career path I knew I was really meant to be on. The idea of The Modern Bee was already swirling around in my mind and in my heart at this point when I literally stumbled upon the show. I always saw it as a sign to pick up my needle (or keyboard in this case) and get started on my own “quilt.”


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