Debi’s “Golden Corner” Salmon

February 5, 2020 in At Home - No Comments

“That golden corner looks yummy,” sad my best friend. She and I are constantly in touch during the day by text when we can’t call each other. Sometimes, our banter will be serious and involve big, life decisions. Other times, it will involve what material for a rug is “ideal” for a dining room (anybody have any advice on that one?) or what we’re currently eating. I sent her a photo of my lunch from yesterday as we talked food this morning and her first response was, “that golden corner looks yummy,” and she was right. It was yummy.

This week at The Modern Bee, we’re settling in with Debi Young. In addition to being a busy makeup artist in the film and television industry, she’s also a fabulous cook. When I asked her what her favorite thing to eat or cook was, she shared her recipe for this salmon dish. I made it the other night and made sure to have extra for my lunch the next day and definitely recommend it for anybody who loves salmon, eats salmon on a regular basis and is looking for a new way to flavor it up. I made a few edits (swapped out bok choy for the peppers because I had a bunch of it in my fridge, and maple syrup for the honey because I have a lifetime supply of it, which is a whole other story) and it was delicious, easy and satisfying. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t share the recipe? Check it out below and enjoy. -Michaela

1 whole salmon split and scaled

3 big hands full of washed spinach

1 small red onion 

1 small sweet vidalia onion

1/2 red bell pepper

1/2 orange or yellow pepper

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1/4 cup SOY VAY Veri Veri Teriyaki

2T honey

1/4 cup Olive Oil

TraderJoe’s 21 Seasoning Salute

Sprinkle 21 Seasoning Salute on both sides of salmon. Lay each piece side by side, skin side DOWN. Dice or slice onions and peppers and spread over salmon. Mix garlic, SOY VAY Veri Veri Teriyaki, honey and olive oil. Pour over fish and marinate overnight or at least 2 hours. When ready to cook, preheat oven to 400

Spread washed spinach in a pan big enough for the whole salmon, side by side, skin side UP

Bake for 15 minutes, then Broil for 5 minutes (Adjust times according to desired taste and texture).

Serve with your favorite green vegetable or salad!


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