“Eat Your Fruit” Smoothie Bowl

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Earlier this week, we spoke with Dr. Emily Elliot who got us thinking about how to make some healthy, actionable changes to our lives. I for one was inspired by the bright, cheery smoothie bowls she showcases on her Instagram page and decided to try my hand at one. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never actually made a smoothie, but I like the idea of getting in my fruits and getting to play around with making my breakfast look a whole lot prettier than it usually does. The cherry (or blueberry in my case) on top? The whole process took just a few minutes and left my belly satisfied all morning long.



One frozen banana

A handful of frozen pineapple

A handful of frozen blueberries

Half a fresh mango, cubed

Fresh blueberries

1 tablespoon of cocoa nibs

1/4 c fresh strawberries, cubed

10oz unsweetened almond milk


To be honest, I just blended the frozen ingredients with my handheld blender with no real rhyme or reason! I added in a few more chunks of this, a splash of that until the consistency (on the thicker side) and taste (more mango, please!) was to my liking. That’s what makes the smoothie bowl such an epically easy and personable recipe! That being said, the ingredient list above is more of a guide.

The non-frozen ingredients are used as garnishes and I actually added the strawberries on a whim because I realized we had some in the fridge. Lastly, I added a dash of cinnamon to my final round of blending after seeing a post on Emily’s feed about its warming benefits and to be honest, because it felt a bit chilly this morning and I am slightly excited for fall and its signature flavors.

I ended up making myself two smoothie bowls using a shallow pasta bowl and still had some leftover that I’m looking forward to having as an afternoon snack. Next time, I think I’ll add in my collagen powder to get those extra health benefits…

Just enjoy experimenting with different fruits and having a little fun playing with your food (who doesn’t like to arrange their fruit to make an edible mosaic?) I can’t wait to make these a regular part of my breakfast rotation.



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