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“The Painted Bunting” by Margaret Walsh

“Hi, everyone! I had meant to continue this conversation with Shelby last week, but then a little tropical storm rolled through and cut off our power for a week so…yeah. Here we are! Without further delay, more with the one and only, Shelby Stone.” – Michaela

We’re dealing with multiple pandemics right now and no doubt, so many of us are being transformed in ways we never could have imagined. One thing that is sure to emerge from all this are new stories. What sort of projects do you already feel drawn to and what voices and stories are you eager to hear?

I’ve always rankled against the idea that being a Black American is a monolithic experience. We’ve been in the US since the English took the island of Manhattan from the Dutch! So we’ve had centuries of experiences and stories, all of which have value.  I’m very drawn to any story which feels like a fresh perspective.  Developing several interesting pieces, one with a Black woman writer with a first generation millennial American of South Korean descent.  It’s about the “other” LA. We’ve got documentaries about seminal figures, one who’s been lost to history but is a hero in her own right.  She’s incredibly brave.  I’m so looking forward to introducing her to the world.  I could go on forever, but I don’t want to bore anyone.  

What traits do you value most in your circle of friends? What traits do you most value in yourself?

Above all I value honesty. Mistakes are human but not owning them makes relationships hard.

And to wrap-up, some rapid-fire questions. Where do you stand on:

Zoom: here to stay post-pandemic or a temporary normal? Totally norm.  I think it’s going a be a long while before people are comfortable going back to meeting in enclosed spaces.  Especially because most offices have recycled air! Nope.

A book you have read or a program you have watched lately that you can’t get off your mind? Born a Crime! A truly spectacular read.  Movies and TV Shows:  Old Guard. I Will Destroy You.  P-Valley. Ozark. Killing Eve

An unexpected pleasure that’s emerged from this time of quarantine? It’s been great for my relationship. I was on a plane every month before. My husband and I have been very happy. I’ve also NOT missed LA traffic at all. 

You live between Los Angeles and the Hudson Valley, where you are currently in the midst of this pandemic. What’s your favorite way to spend a non-qurantimed day in the Hudson Valley in the summer? I’m the worst Hudson Valley resident. LOL. I’m extremely allergic to all grass, all trees, all pollen…you get the picture.  I’m on hardcore prescription allergy meds from the beginning of Spring through the start of winter. Basically, I sit at our pool or stay inside.  Everyone goes on about horses, sailing, river swimming, rambles through the countryside and so forth. I feel like a classic neurotic character in a Hollywood movie. Love all the nature I see from the car. And really there are some extraordinarily interesting people up here. I guess dinner parties and popping into NY for theater…does that count?  

What one piece of advice would you give to Shelby 10 years ago? OY!!  Cut to the chase.  

Honestly, I could talk to Shelby all day about life and movies and books and ideas. You can keep up with her, too and stay tuned on her developing projects as they work their way towards your screen. Have a great Monday, everyone.


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