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July 10, 2020 in Out in the World - No Comments

It’s Friday! Lately, nothing has been making me feel more grounded than yoga class. Zoom and FaceTime are things I’ve stubbornly refused to engage in in these “closed” times. I’d rather talk on the old phone. So, I was out of luck with having a way to practice virtually with others. I sadly rolled up my mat until it was safe for studios to re-open. My weary body and mind were overjoyed when my beloved studio re-opened this week! It’s been different, adjustments have been made to keep everybody safe, but man, has it been good to be back on that mat.

We settled into our pocket of Connecticut to escape the go, go, go, be there, be here-ness that was my normal in New York City. A slower pace, more space, and a focus on building a home within a tight-knit, supportive community were the goals; things that we could thankfully take comfort in during these challenging times. But the closing of the studio left a void, because it had become such an important part of my life here and the community.

To celebrate the re-opening, I eagerly signed up for the first class, a gentle class, on the first day. There were just four of us. It felt safe, comforting and empowering. After everything, I have a newfound appreciation for focusing on the breath, the hallmark of yoga, right? During a tree pose, the instructor gave her usual prompts: maybe your leg comes up a little higher, maybe your arms come up to the sky. And then she said something that’s stuck with me all week. She said, maybe you smile. It just hit me. As so many of us are holding onto our roots or struggling to find out balance right now, that gentle, simple suggestion to smile. So I wanted to just share that with you. Maybe you smile. Whenever I repeat it to myself, I find myself naturally smiling. And that just feels good. And who doesn’t want to find the simplest way to feel good these days? Today, maybe we smile.

The photo here is of the place my mind always travels to when in savasana. It’s Bandelier National Monument in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Probably one of the most magical places I’ve ever been where you can literally feel the sacredness and energy of it. Just looking at this photo, I can smell the wild sage that grows on its trails. It takes me back spiritually until I can physically be back.

Have a great weekend, everyone.



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