The Summer of the Shrimp Roll

June 24, 2020 in At Home - No Comments

I love hot dogs. Year round. I’m very particular about my buns and the dogs themselves, because I’m a purist: ketchup only. So I like to ensure that the quality of the two other parts of my hot dog are top notch. Are you still taking me seriously? If you’re still here, I promise, there’s a plot twist. I like to treat hot dogs as an actual treat, not something I have multiple times a week (or month even). Which presents a problem with what to do with the rest of the buns that come in a six pack after my husband and I have had four between the two of us.

Enter the shrimp roll.

It’s going to be disgustingly hot and humid where I live this week, so we’re eating everything cold. Copious amounts of watermelon. Salads or sandwiches for lunch. Popsicles. More cold salads for dinner. The oven can take the back burner for the time being.

I bought a six pack of the most delicious, buttery brioche hot dog rolls and so this week. We’re filling them with shrimp and hot dogs (not at once, of course!) I made these shrimp rolls using this recipe and they could not have been more easy to make and more importantly, requiring very limited physical exertion, which is key. Plus, I had all the ingredients already minus the shrimp and the buns. I had enough filling leftover to make up this roll for lunch today. This will 100% be the summer of the shrimp roll.

Delicious! Stay cool and stay hydrated, but also stay curious and stay connected.



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