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Who doesn’t love a good story? Whether it’s: a ghost story spooking everybody out around a campfire; a mom telling about something sweet or salty her child did; a girlfriend’s dramatic recreation of a bad date, or a plaque noticed for the first time on a usual path reminding passersby of a longforgotten monumental event that went down on that very spot hundreds of years ago.

Different cultures have their own way of telling a story–from African mythology to Irish folklore, often with the same moral or right of passage message, just told in a voice specific to its audience. Sometimes, we love the book, but hate the movie (or vice versa), because we want a certain story to be done “justice,” or feel the casting wasn’t right for how we pictured the characters in our imaginations.

Other times, we pick up a particular candle in a store because its scent and name transports us back to a happy or special place and subsequently, a boatload of memories. If the seller is very good, they can even get us to buy a candle online (and without smelling it!) just by the descriptive text they use to describe the candle or even by describing the company and its mission; catch my drift?

In this section of The Modern Bee, we’ll draw inspiration, comfort and knowledge from stories of all kinds. Whether it’s a fascinating story about a woman making change in her community or even a little tip of a story about some ridiculously good pecan butter you should try, this is a place where we share. Although speaking of ridiculously good pecan butter, we can’t guarantee you’d want to share that…SO. GOOD.



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